Car Remarketing Association Europe

Car Remarketing Association Europe Objectives

Our objectives cover all aspects and procedures related to the Car Remarketing industry.

Some of our main objectives include:

  • Certification of the end of lease process
  • European export guidelines (legal & tax)
  • International logistics approach (risk minimization)
  • Clean mileage information
  • And many more.
Car Remarketing Association Europe Activities

To achieve our objectives, CARA Europe will focus on the following activities in particular:

  • Distributing information to our members
  • Collecting information from our members
  • Writing and publishing studies, articles and press releases
  • Organising events and seminars
Car Remarketing Association – What we want to achieve

We as an association have clear goals, which we can all go by. Our task is to deliver on what we have all agreed upon. Click on the button to read all about our five deliverables:

A common voice towards
the market, partners and suppliers

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