Car Remarketing Association Europe

Objectives & Activities

Our five deliverables cover all aspects and procedures related to the Car Remarketing industry. Some of our main objectives include:

      Certification of the end of lease process;

       European export guidelines (legal tax);

      International logistics approach (risk minimization);

      Clean mileage information;


We as an association have clear objectives. And we can go much further than that, because we are one team and handle all that together. Our task is to deliver on what we have all agreed upon.

Our five deliverables

★ Have a clear and common return process throughout Europe “fair wear & tear guidelines”

It’s very important the process is open and transparent, without surprises and hidden extra costs. The principle of accessing a car should be similar from Finland to Romania. All cars should have a grading level, with a legal          source: Leasing companies, fair wear & tear guide, NAMA – grading procedure.

★ Guidelines of European Import and Export regulation of used cars

When regulation changes more often and in an infeasible and illogical way, we should inform our members and try to speak with the authorities on European level to find an easier way. This will not be legally binding.

★ Transport solutions throughout Europe

Vat issues, paperwork and other administrative burdens  when selling and transporting used cars abroad, should be advanced. The help of professional car transport companies will come in handy. Our actual goal is to find a Pan European Solution, because the main problem contains there’s no easy way to send cars from one place to another. Please note that this will not be price negotiable.

★ Support correct mileage reading

     Turning back the clock is not the manner we will handle. Our goal is to support, together with other associations in our business area, new ideas  supporting correct mileage reading.

Actively lobbing for the right need in our industry

About all the decisions that are made to make life easier (for example: less administration, logical procedures…), we need to get information about changes from the European Parliament. For deciding about those change by the European Parliament, we should share our expertise with them. Our goal is to become part of a decision making unit in the European Parliament.