With the establishment of the CARA Academy we want to support the education of the automotive sector on remarketing topics and return the knowledge and skills of our association and members to the market.

The Academy offers courses, trainings and workshops with regard to the remarketing of vehicles. The high-quality sessions are virtual training courses led by an instructor, delivered by senior remarketing experts.

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CARA Academy

6 reasons to join The Car Remarketing Association Europe

  • Get unique industry insight. CARA is a forum for top remarketing
    execs to share their views and knowledge.
  • Help develop industry standards. CARA creates and improves
    standards and shares best practices for the European used-car trade.
  • Learn about digitisation and new market trends. CARA aims to
    understand and enhance new remarketing business opportunities.
  • Network with decision makers. As a non-profit, CARA offers a
    unique forum to engage with the industry’s top deciders.
  • Create synergies to benefit your business. In the multi-faceted
    world of remarketing, CARA is the place to bundle and defend
    shared interests.
  • Give the industry the voice it needs and deserves. CARA is committed
    to defend the industry’s interests, in Brussels and elsewhere.

To get more information about the membership, please click here.



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