Car Remarketing Association Europe


As you may read on our page Objectives & Activities, we as an association have clear goals about the remarketing industry. Therefore we want to achieve more and deliver what we, our members and partners have all agreed upon. The two main topics we currently are working on:

  1. Support “correct mileage reading”
    This is a hot topic within the market, heavily supported by the European Parliament and local Governments.
  2. “Transport solution”
    Transporting vehicles throughout Europe can involve some risk, especially in terms of VAT. In order to minimize the risk, we work together with all relevant partners on a harmonized and less risky standard solutions.

1. Correct Mileages

The goal of the CARA Europe Correct Mileage Reading work group is to contribute to the establishment of an European database to provide trusted mileage information to used car buyers. The work group provides a forum to define the requirements and recommendations of its members and interested parties in the remarketing area to such databases. Both legislative as well as commercial initiatives are considered by the work group.
Due to the movement of the EU parliament and expected activity of the EU commission, the work group will focus to create a recommendation on the requirements of the CARA members towards the expected EU legislation. This shall ensure the commercial interest of CARA members to utilize used car data are protected.
Parallel to that, the work group is working with commercial platform providers to ensure commercial mileage databases provide added value to CARA members and the used car market.


Due to the upcoming regulation by the EU commission, CARA focussed on gathering its members and outside stakeholders input:

  • How should a mileage recording database be setup
  • What data should be gathered to comply with EU GDPR
  • Which entities should be allowed or requested to provide data and under what prerequisites these data shall be stored into the system
  • How the data should be made public and how the competitive model shall look like
  • What requirements would have data processors from data providers to transfer and process the data and vice versa
  • Ensure a unique voice of the remarketing community towards the legislator and the key stakeholders
  • Ensure a minimum direct cost approach to CARA members and the industry for providing the data
  • Minimize consequential cost of data provision due to data protection / privacy legislation and legacy process adaptations
  • In the interest of CARA members that are interested to process and publish mileage data, create an equal level playing field that enables competition for data processors and distributors to ensure low cost and fast penetration of a correct mileage reading information ( e.g. a “car pass”)
  • For CARA members who sell their own cars, retain the competitive advantage of data they have from their cars beyond mileage relevant information to enable them to use this USP when selling cars off their own fleets


2. Transport Solution

Objective of the CARA Transport work group is to identify and find solutions for European key issues on supply chain processes.
VAT fraud, lack of transparency, insufficient lead times and associated logistic costs are topics of this work group as well as pushing for a validation of digitized documents needed for x-border business.
The work group will concentrate on defining the requirements and processes needed to solve above mentioned challenges and to recommend tools to ensure integrity and transparency for the remarketing industry.

  • Cross border trading processes of remarketing vehicles – Within EU – Outside EU
  • Logistics and related administrative processes
  1. High risks in relation to VAT exposure for fleet owners that sell cross border to trade partners
  2. Logistics processes, including administrative processes are complex and costly
  3. The quality and transparency of cross-border sales processes are as a result insufficient, leading to additional risks for sellers

Identify solutions for issues in our industry that lead to:

  1. Processes that enable high professional standards and further avoid integrity issues
  2. Additional value (and services) for all stakeholders in the remarketing business while taking out unnecessary costs
  3. Processes that increase the “ease of doing business” between seller and buyer in cross-border sales processes