What is the Car Remarketing Association Europe?

CARA, the Car Remarketing Association Europe, was established in the summer of 2015 as an international non-profit organization to support the market for used cars.

Our members each have a large footprint within the European market and are mainly active in sectors such as car manufacturing, fleet management, leasing, car auctions, car service providers and car data management. Of course, European dealers of used cars are also very welcome within our association. In addition, we have support partners who are very interested in our activities but who are not included in the foregoing support category.

We come forward as an independent source within the European Car Remarketing world. In other words, a common voice towards the market, partners and suppliers. We support the industry standards and harmonize processes, without interfering with the policies of companies.

The purpose of the Association

The Car Remarketing Association has established a set of diverse objectives, including:

  • Advocating for the interests of the car remarketing industry in relation to European Union institutions and international bodies (such as the European Commission, the European Parliament, the Council of the European Union, and tax authorities).
  • Keeping members informed about European or international developments that may affect the remarketing industry.
  • Coordinating the persepctives of members to formulate common positions and a common voice towards the market.
  • Promoting the car remarketing market at European and international level.
  • Organizing events focused on current topics or tailored for specific audiences.
  • Providing a platform for members to exchange views, share best practices, and engage in networking opportunities.

Documents Membership Registration

If you want to join us, please complete the Membership Registration and send it back to us via <info@cara-europe.org>.