Correct Mileage

Workgroup lead: Dirk-Marco Adams <>

This workgroup is embeded in the workgroup In-Car Data.

The goal of this work group is to contribute to a regulatory and business framework that enables vehicle-originated data-based service offerings at minimal cost and maximum use for the remarketing sector. CARA establishes its viewpoints to the subjects and promotes these in conjunction with other associations, policy makers and among its members.

An important element of this is a European database to provide trusted mileage information to used car buyers. The work group provides a forum to define the requirements and recommendations of its members and interested parties in the remarketing area to such databases. Both legislative as well as commercial initiatives are considered by the work group. The database will also make sure to respect the GDPR in all markets.

Due to the movement of the EU parliament and expected activity of the EU commission, the work group will focus to develop and expand the standpoint of CARA regarding mileage databased into a wider position regarding free access to vehicle data. This shall ensure that the commercial interest of CARA members to utilize used car data is protected.

You may read all about it in theĀ CARA Europe Position Paper regarding Mileage Fraud.