Battery Health

Workgroup lead: Roland Gagel <>

The CARA Battery Health workgroup is established to create common standards to facilitate remarketing and support residual values of used cars through trust in the battery of a BEV, easily to be communicated to buyers, by an independent assessment and certification.

The workgroup aims to deliver what follows:

  • Set the standard for a Battery Health Certificate (SOH*) for the remarketing industry in Europe
  • Evaluate technology and process options for vehicle individual battery assessment
  • Review, validate and real-life test technologies for obtaining SOH data
  • Propose a settlement process in case of disputes of buyers (warranty management)

(*) SOH = State of Health in % of original capacity. We use SOH for the State of Health Capacity.

For clarification: SOC = State of Charge is the % the battery is charged with relation to its current capacity. At 100% SOC when SOH is 100%, the battery has the nominal energy available [kwh].